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  • Darrell Christmas

    Software Engineer, Father, Gamer, Husband, Cook
  • Skilled Programmer

    C++, C#, Python, Lua, Unity, Unreal Engine, You name it, I will do it.
  • Avid Gamer

    From Duck Hunt to Destiny, Games are my life.

A Little About Me

I’ve been developing professionally games since I graduated UCF’s Master’s program, FIEA, in 2009. I’ve worked with some of the most talented people on a few of my favorite games. For the past 5 years I’ve been the Lead Audio Engineer on the NBA Live franchise. In between stints at Electronic Arts, I was able to help develop multiplayer features on Spec Ops: The Line with Darkside Game Studios.

I have a great passion for writing good code. I also grew up loving  to play video games. Growing up, I never thought that I would have the chance to develop the things I loved so much. I spent much of my childhood playing Gran Turismo, Madden, Oblivion, and Final Fantasy. I don’t have a specific type of game that I perfer, I often get that question from friends and potential employers. This perference for any and every game genre is reflected I feel in my desire to be involved in every area of game development – people call that a generalist. 

Shipped Titles


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  • EA Sports
  • Darkside Game Studios
  • FIEA
NBA Live 2013 - 2016
Play Now!
EA SPORTS NCAA Football 11
Ready, Set, Hut!
Spec Ops: The Line
Multiplayer + Sand
Dick Squirrele' Private Investigator
Film Noir Squirrel
Puzzle Bobble - XBox
Dead Run
Zombie Chase!
FIEA Game Engine - Street Fighter ASCII
Fighters Ready?!
Hide in Plain Sight

Contact Me

Contact me with questions or inquiries for information on my skills, experiences, or body of work. I have been working professionally for a decade now, in games 7 of those years. I have fielded questions from potential game development students, potential employers and partners… all are welcome. If you need a written reference from a former collegue, I have a few of them written and presented on my LinkedIn profile.